What is Wind Power?
Natural energy - the wind power generation is in the center of it.

Misunderstandings and truths

Infinite wind energy does not pollute air and water.
1WTG(2MW) produces the electricity that can be used by 700 households for a year, and it has the same greenhouse gas reduction effect as planting about 400,000 trees of 20 years old in 75% of the whole Yeouido area.
* Based on 20% usage rate
(Source: Korea Energy Agency(KEA)- Reduction of CO2 Emissions / National Institute of Forest Science - Effect of Forest Composition)

To build 1WTG of 1 MW (megawatt), approximately 5,000 square meters of land is needed to install access roads, as well as for installation site, work site, and loading site.
That is, the construction of 1,000 MW requires only 5 square kilometers of land.
(Source: Korea Wind Energy Industry Association)

The installation location for Offshore Wind Power is relatively free to choose, and as the distance from the coast increases, wind resources are abundant, and it is possible to construct a large-scale complex.
It is also used as a tourism resource and serves as artificial fishing banks.
There are already 14,384 MW (megawatt) offshore wind power generation facilities in the world, producing more than 50 billion households of electricity available annually.
(Source: Global Wind Energy Council GWEC)

An outdated Wind Power Generator is demolished and replaced with a better generator.
Also, most of the components that consisted Wind Power Generators are steel structures. Thus, the demolished Wind Power Generator has a high waste collection value.
(Source: American Wind Energy Association AWEA)

Wind energy is emerging as the only energy source that does not reduce the wildlife habitats caused by climate change.
Also, efforts to restore the ecology are made continuously after the construction and operation of the Wind Power site, and accidents caused by wind power generator collisions have been reported to account for less than 1% of deaths caused by human activities such as buildings, power lines, cars, and pesticide use.
(Source: United States National Academy of Sciences)

You may hear the wind blowing when the wind is strong; however, the noise is difficult to distinguish because of ambient noise such as wind, leaves, and vibrating windows.
In addition, the construction of wind farms goes through "Environmental Impact Assessment" to comply with the national noise and vibration management standards.
Also, low frequency exists not only in everyday life equipment such as household appliances, roads, and cars, but also in natural environments such as sea, river, and mountains.
A human body does not feel discomfort toward all low-frequencies.
Various studies worldwide have found that noise and low frequencies of wind power do not directly affect human health.
(Source: Environmental Impact Assessment Act, Commissioned studies of Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Health, Massachusetts, USA)

A shadow blinking phenomenon occurs predominantly at sunrise and sunset times and thus is predictable. Depending on the angle of the sun, the location of the wind power generator, and the location of the observer, the phenomenon differs.
In addition, this phenomenon can be alleviated through design without any difficulty.
Various studies have found that the shadow blinking phenomenon of Wind Power Generator does not directly affect human health.
(Source: Research by the American Epilepsy Foundation / Research by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences / Commissioned studies of Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Health, Massachusetts, USA)

Wind Power Generator may fail due to special environmental impacts. However, there are safety measures applied to the facility.
* Installed are overspeed prevention device, a temperature sensor to prevent overheating, lightning arrester, and remote stop device, etc.
Also, an automatic fire extinguishing system is mandatorily installed inside the generator as required by the statutory standard. Thus, upon an outbreak of fire, a fire extinguisher will be activated immediately.
So far, only 0.5% (3 units) of the Wind Power Generators installed in Korea have caused a fire accident, none of which had spread to a large fire. (Source: Evaluation Criteria for Electrical Equipment Technical Standards, Korea Wind Energy Industry Association)

Although the property value of nearby real estates may temporarily decrease between the time of the project announcement and the end of construction, the value generally recovers afterward. Also, the surrounding area is used as a ranch, farm, wildlife habitat, and tourist attraction, causing the actual value of the real estates to rise
(Source: American Wind Energy Association AWEA)