About the Association
Natural energy - the wind power generation is in the center of it.


Welcome to the Korea Wind Energy Industry Association.

Korea Wind Energy Industry Association will always strive to foster the wind industry based on active cooperation of company members.

Since the Korea Wind Industry Association was established in 2010, we have been making efforts to collect opinions of the company members of the wind industry, and actively propose them to be reflected in the government's policies. In order to foster the domestic wind industry, we have been faithfully performing the role of drawing the cooperation among company members and providing information.

Currently, the domestic wind industry is facing difficulties caused by the deterioration of profitability due to the drop in SMP, the issues of civil complaints and acceptance of residents, and a risk in policies. In addition, we're placed in the urgent situation to secure competitiveness in the manufacturing industry due to the subsequent withdrawal of domestic main equipment manufacturers, and the extension of a technological gap with global leading companies.

In this crisis situation of the wind industry, our Association listen to the various voices of the industry, and faithfully perform the role of representing them, so we will be devoted to the re-leap of wind industry which is the pivot of new renewable energy.

In order for our Korea Wind Energy Industry Association to become the "Pivot" and lead the re-leap of wind industry, our Association should become the "Communication Hub" first. Seminars, subcommittees, and other various programs will allow the Association to gather and create wisdom of policy and alternative development and industrial development plans, so that we will become the "Think-Tank".
Second, we will fulfill a role of "Spokesperson" that represents the wind industry field by strengthening the "Competitiveness of Foreign Policy" of the Association.

The government's continuous attention and support are essential for the development of the domestic wind industry. Therefore, the Association will expand the communication opportunities with the government and contribute to the establishment of a rational system.

Finally, in order to fulfill these roles of the Association, we will 'enhance the capacity of the Association'. By reinforcing the financial and operating programs of the Association and enhancing the satisfaction of company members, we will establish a 'Virtuous Circle Structure' to continuously attract the new members of the Association and strengthen the status and representativeness of the Association.

To respectful company members of the Korea Wind Energy Industry Association, the development of our Association requires active cooperation of company members above all things. I like to ask for your generous attention and support.

We will do our best to create the 'Warm Breeze' that enables 'Symbiosis and Development' of all the industry by gathering wishes of everyone in our industry to make them become the "Fair Wind" and passing the harsh 'Wave' and 'Headwind' both domestic and foreign situations.

Thank you.

Son Young-gi
Chairman of Korea Wind Energy Industry Association