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Natural energy - the wind power generation is in the center of it.


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Carbon neutrality and realization of a low-carbon economy are unavoidable tasks that can reduce the burden on future generations along with responding to climate change. Abnormal climate phenomena, such as COVID-19, an increase in average temperature and drought, an increase in climate variability, and rising sea levels, are occurring worldwide. So, countries, including the United States, European countries, and China, are rapidly transitioning their economic structure to a carbon-neutral one. For the compelling means that correspond to it, these countries expand renewable energy and nurture related industries to create new food sources.

The European Union plans to apply a carbon border tax to some sectors, such as steel and cement, from 2023. In addition, a type of environmental protection trade is emerging; for example, global companies create a system that produces and distributes products by using eco-friendly electricity (e.g., renewable energy that does not emit carbon). As South Korea emphasizes exports, it cannot neglect a newly created economic order.

In this global trend, wind power generation is a significant industry that reduces greenhouse gases by continuously supplying eco-friendly electricity and contributes to creating a foundation for South Korean domestic and foreign exporters to avoid being harmed by the global economic order. Offshore wind power can construct large-scale power generation complexes and produce clean energy using high-quality wind conditions.
In particular, this is an industry that must be developed as a future food source. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, South Korea is supported by a production base and high-quality human resources, which have been built as South Korea has maintained its powerhouse position in the shipbuilding and offshore industry for a long time. That’s why South Korea is considered to have already prepared the background for industrial growth. Many projects are already being prepared, starting with Jeju Island's Tamra Offshore Wind Power. Jeollanam-do and Ulsan’s local governments strive to lay the groundwork.

As a forum for communication, our association will do its best to expand the market and revitalize the industry by listening to the diverse opinions of the industry. We expect South Korea to overcome its domestic economic recession by fostering the wind industry, which is the pivot of renewable energy and form a new social structure, leading to more investment and employment.

Our respected members of the Wind Power Industry Association, your active cooperation is the most important to developing our industry and the association. We ask for your unstinting attention and support.

Thank you.

Kyung-il, Park
Chairman of Korea Wind Energy Industry Association