What is Wind Power?
Natural energy - the wind power generation is in the center of it.

Basic Principles

Concept of Wind Power
Method of generating power using wind energy to produce electricity
Principles of Wind Power
The principle of wind power is converting mechanical energy generated as blades rotate into electric energy via a generator
Structure and Composition of Wind Turbine
Tower A structure supporting a Wind Power Generator
Blade Convert wind energy into rotational kinetic energy
Hub System Connect a principal axis with blades
Shaft, Main shaft Transfer the rotational kinetic energy of the blade to the generator or speed accelerator
Gearbox Convert low-speed rotation of the main axis to high-speed rotation for power generation
Generator Converting the mechanical energy delivered from the speed accelerator to electrical energy
Yawing System Nacelle rotation to align the blade to wind direction
Pitch system Adjust blade angle in accordance with to wind speed
Brake Braking device
Control System Setting and operating to enable unattended operation of Wind Power Generator
Monitoring System Remote control and ground-based determination of system status
Classification of Wind Turbine
>> Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
- Wind Turbine installed parallel to the ground where the rotating axis is in the direction of the wind
- The structure is simple and installation is easy
- Yawing device is required that rotates the nacelle 360 degrees to fit in the front of the blade in the wind direction
>> Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
- Wind Turbine installed perpendicular to the ground where the rotating axis is in the wind direction
- Yawing device is not required because it is not influenced by wind direction
Value chain and ecosystem structure of the wind industry
(source : KOTRA Invest Korea)
>> WTG Manufacturing Business: Manufacturing a WTG by assembling components. The most essential field in the wind power industry.
>> Parts and Equipment Manufacturing Business: A business field that produces components needed for manufacturing WTG and equipment for the construction of Wind Power farms
>> Power generation business: A field that produces electric power using wind power generators
>> Development Business: A sector that develops suitable locations for wind farms and constructs Wind site
* Industries covering a variety of fields from the heavy electric machine industry, precision processing industry, and steel industry to service industry such as shipbuilding∙heavy industry, offshore plant, distribution, transportation, installation construction, maintenance, and creating tourism resources.