What is Wind Power?
Natural energy - the wind power generation is in the center of it.


Use of wind energy
>> First windmill that used wind energy
- The wind wheel developed by Heron of Alexandria
>> First Practical Windmill: Windmill utilized in the 7th century near Iran and Afghanistan border
- Form: A facility with 6 to 12 wings surrounded by reed mat or cloth
- Usage: Corn milling, pumping, water delivery, milling, and sugar manufacturing industries

Ancient Persian Windmills
Utilization of windmills
>> Dutch windmills around the 14th century: Drainage in the Rhine River Delta region
>> A windmill in Denmark around the 19th century
- Form: Included about 2500 units, generated up to about 30MW power
- Usage: Mechanical power supply to flour mills and pumps
Development of Wind Power Generator
1) World's First Wind Power Generator: Charles F. Brush's Wind Power Generator (USA, 1888)
- Form: Capacity 12kW, Height 18m, Weight 4t, Diameter 50m, 144 pieces of rotating wings
- Usage: Lighting 350 incandescent lights. Operated and utilized for 20 years.

Wind turbine of Brush
2) Perpendicular Wind Power Generator : G.J.M. Darrieus (France, 1920s)
3)Modern horizontal-axis type Wind Power Generator : The Wind Power Generator of Yalta region of the former Soviet Union (1931)
- Form : 100kW, Height 30m, the annual facility utilization rate of 32%
4) World's first MW-class power generator: Smith Putnam Wind Power Generator in Vermont, USA (1941년)
- Form : 1.25MW, 175 feet in diameter, weight 250t

Smith-Putnam wind turbine (Sources : Monthly Electricity)
5) The world's first land-based Wind Power Complex: California, USA (1980s)
6) The world's first offshore Wind Power complex : Denmark Vindeby(1991s)
Development Status of Domestic Wind Power Generators
manufacturer capacity application development phase
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction 3MW, 3.3MW On-and-offshore Dual Use Commercialization completed
5.5MW Offshore being demonstration tested
8MW Offshore under development
Unison 0.75MW, 2MW, 2.3MW Onshore Commercialization completed
4.2MW On-and-offshore Dual Use being demonstration tested
Hyosung 2MW Onshore Commercialization completed
5.5MW Offshore being demonstration tested
hanjin industry 1.5MW, 2MW Onshore Commercialization completed
4MW Onshore under development